The Exclusive ATML3 Developer Program

Jun 18 2015

Introducing the Exclusive ATML3 Developer Program

In order to make our software more accessible, we created a program that gives developers the opportunity to learn more about and make use of ATML3 to build their own text solutions. By using our software and its ability to incorporate generative grammar, syntactic rules and inflexion, developers can generate high quality texts adjusted to the requirements they have programmed. The program illustrates and informs about the ATML3 process of connecting, correlating and amassing valuable data and the interpretation and implementation of that data in natural language.

A Variety of Sectors and amazing Turnout

External developers can apply and those that were already chosen are being trained to use ATML3 and receiving support to get started with the software. We’ve also made our cloud platform available for developers to render data into text. We’ve had an amazing turnout for this program, bringing in developers from mostly Open Data groups, but also from universities. At the moment developers from a variety of sectors are trying out and in the process of creating solutions in ATML3, which means that the software is now being tested for texts in the medical sector, as well as sectors in music and events.

We’re very excited about what the outcome for this program holds. All the places in the program have already been filled, but if you’re a developer and interested in our software, simply contact us and we’ll work out individual measures to get you started with ATML3.

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