Robot Journalism – What´s really possible and where are its limits?
Jul 25 2014

Recently the first super computer supposedly passed as “human” for another human being, now the discussion around robots gets louder again. Also: “Readers can’t distinguish from content that is written by a human than being automatically generated content”. Scandinavian researcher Christer Clerwall formulated an important result of his small study to evaluate automated generated texts.

clunc – The Computational Linguistics unconference
Jun 20 2014

clunc - the unique BarCamp for and about computational linguistics is opening doors now for the first time on 11th and 12th of July in Stuttgart / Germany. The importance of computational linguistics for our world is undeniable anymore, and with the l[test international media reactions around robot journalism and semantic technologies another peak is reached.

On Air! Mellissa Lee shares insights into Malaysian E-commerce
Jan 16 2014

Proudly presenting: Malaysian E-commerce expert and online entrepreneur Mellissa Lee swinging by for an interview with aexea. She shares her experiences in launching the  pioneer fashion business ZALORA  in Asia for the startup incubator Rocket Internet from scratch. Get some interesting insights into market challenges and differences in E-Commerce in Malaysia and neighbour countries along with  Mellissa´s personal tool box for online businesses-to-be.

What is duplicate content?
Nov 19 2013

One of the biggest mistakes in online marketing and On-page Search engine optimization is the socalled "duplicate content". Duplicate content is not only one of the most damaging mistakes in OnPage SEO, it is also one of most common ones. So what IS duplicate Content?

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