What is duplicate content?
Nov 19 2013

One of the biggest mistakes in online marketing and On-page Search engine optimization is the socalled "duplicate content". Duplicate content is not only one of the most damaging mistakes in OnPage SEO, it is also one of most common ones. So what IS duplicate Content?

Keeping track – Key performance indicators (KPIs) for SEO & CRO
Oct 01 2013

Past the times of digging in the performance-darkness & shooting marketing activities "into the blue". Success of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion rate-Optimization (CRO) activities can and has to be measured. Tracking & testing key performance indicators (KPI) provides important insights for improvements. Let´s have a glance at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) metrics and Conversion rate Optimization (CRO) metrics that help to uncover how your activities & consequently your shop performs.

5 tips for writing an effective product description
Aug 26 2013

Product pages with a product description are the buying momentum in an online store, where your users decide to buy or not to buy your offer. Unfortunately many E-commerce pages still provide hardly information about the product and prefer to save time and costs of content production and writing for "more important" tasks.

Top Ranking Factors 2013
Aug 13 2013

Searchmetrics´ new Ranking Factor - Rank correlation Study 2013 highlights the increasing importance of quality content and especially word count on high ranking positions in SEO. The various Google algorithm updates last year apparently aim more and more at cracking down spam pages, poor content and bad user orientation.

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