Austin Memories

Apr 07 2015

First of all I came back from SXSW in Austin with a head full of new knowledge. We saw many interesting trending technologies, spoke with many different people and could compare our ideas with many different ways of thinking, from artists, commerce experts to TV executive producers.

As always in the field of technology: everything is always advancing. So-called cognitive systems are beginning to replace AIs (artificial intelligence). The difference here is that a cognitive system does not only interpret ad hoc the actual facts it is given, but also incorporates learned knowledge in its calculations. A good example of such an adaptive system is IBM’s Watson. But this is not the only one. This development is very positive for us, as it means, that soon we are going to obtain really great processors and aggregators for data.

The panel and discussion for “When robots write the news” was, of course, extremely fascinating for us (and probably also for Robbie Allan): We were able to see how other successful businesses in the same segment work.

All the talks and events were simply inspirational, the ideas were positively buzzing in the air in Austin: small, creative details for product development, insights toward AX Semantics’ public image and sudden inspirations with regard to further strategic developments.

I brought it all, together with the new SXSW cap, back to Germany. A special thanks to the province of Baden-Württemberg, who made it possible for us to find a temporary home away from home in German House, Austin.

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