ATML3 Training Editor - First steps

Aug 04 2015

First steps with your ax-semantics account and ATML3

It's very nice that you're planning to use the AX Semantics platform and ATML3, the Automated Text Markup Language (version) 3. Thanks so far. We hope that this story will help you to get started with our ATML3-Training Editor and tell you how to get your data into the platform.

The things you'll need:

  1. Registration data for our self-service platform (myAX): username and password

  2. Registration data for our training database and editor: username and password

  3. The ATML3-Training Editor downloaded from []

If you're missing your credentials or if this tutorial is not working for you, please feel free to ask for help via mail using

What you'll learn is how to use the webplatform myAX to upload and manage your data, to produce text with our platform and how to open your engine training for customisation with our editor.

The "myAX" self service platform:

To check out your account with myAX go to the website and use your username and password to log in (or register for free). You should see the overview of your content projects on the screen. This should look like this:

View of the content project list in myAX

You can click your content project to see the overview of your data.

View of your things in the content project

You can use this view to generate text content for all objects in the project or edit the things in your project.

View of a thing in a content project

This is the view containing the rendered text of an object in your project. You can use this view to upload data for the object.
Use this view now to generate some content. You'll get a piece of text that comes out of our demo training that we uploaded for you while we prepared your account.

The ATML3-Training Editor

The next step is downloading and setting up the ATML3-Training Editor. You can download the tool from our website The jar can be directly executed but requires Java 8 (update 45) or a newer Version of Java. When you open the app it will look somewhat like this:

atml3 editor opened

To edit your own ATML3-Training with your account the first thing to do is setting up your user data from our platform. Use the training settings to do so

training api settings in the menu training api settings

If you have successfully entered and saved your credentials, you can start working on your training. We have added a demo training to your account which you can open using the menu and the open training dialog:

open training menu open tranining dialog

If you've successfully opened the training you should be able to see it in the editor. This is what it will look like:

opened training in the atml3 editor

When you're done you can use the AX-Backend menu to save your training to the training database. You can test your changes by rendering your texts on the my-ax platform. Please note that syncing your trainings through our system usually takes about half a minute, so if you don't see your changes appear immediately in your regenerated texts just retry after some time.

What's next

In one of the next tutorials we will look at everything you've learned now and how this can also be done with our atom-editor-based atml3 ide. We will also talk about the components of an atml3 training, how to add sentences and logic to your training.

Stay tuned.

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